RCS Grazing Clinic

The RCS Grazing Clinic is an intensive 2 day course on the principles and practices of grazing management including how to design, manage and control a grazing cell. The course taps into the combined knowledge of the group and summarises the collective experience of graziers throughout Australia. 


The programEcologyThe basis of long term profitability is a healthy farm ecosystem. You will learn the principles of farm ecology and how livestock can be used to improve the four ecosystem processes. Learn how you as the land manager can apply the set of manager’s tools to make a change in the ecology of your property.

Grazing management methods There are 5 widely recognised grazing systems used in managing pastures and livestock. You will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each of these options.

Physical planning

There are a few basic principles which could save you a great deal of sweat, anziety and money. Thousands of livestock producers have made these decisions before. You can learn from their experiences. It could be worth a fortune.


There are eleven essential drought management principles which not only ensure minimum damage to land and pasture, but also ensure maximim gross margin. Here you'll learn strategies that farmers on three continents have used successfully for years.

Cell grazing

Cell grazing has been a revolution of sorts but the principles have been known for centuries. It is the health of the ecosystem as a whole that determines profit and sustainability. You will learn the basic principles that underly cell grazing and how these are used to manage the ecosystem.

Cell Design, construction and planningThe "how to" of cell grazing. Where to put the water, how big a paddock, fencing types, how many paddocks and cells and more are all discussed so you walk away with an action plan. Once you understand the principles, the application is able to be achieved cost effectively.

Length of course

This is a two day intensive course


Please phone 1800 356 004 or email info@rcs.au.com to register.


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