Ruminant Nutrition Workshop

The Ruminant Nutrition Workshop covers, in one day, all you need to know about ruminant nutrition, presented in practical terms to deliver a better life for your livestock and your business. It is based on over 20 years experience in practical nutrition.

This is a course where you not only learn in an interactive way, but you walk away with your own nutrition plan.

You will learn:

The Basics
1. Where does nutrition come from? Discover the truth about supplementation vs substitution, how grass produces nutrition, plant growth and the effect of grazing on animal diet.

2. How does the rumen function? An understanding of how the animal works helps us make better decisions.

3. Energy. We cover the importance and sources of the No. 1 nutrient.

4. The degradable protein story. Why, what, how and when Learn the ins and outs of urea feeding for production.

5. The by-pass protein story. What, how, when, where, why and who? We look at how to use these feeds to meet market and turn-off targets.

6. Mineral and vitamin requirements. This section covers 17 of the key macro, micro and vitamin nutrients. Information is given on function, diagnosis, minimum levels and correction.

Planning a program
7. Planning likely requirements. Seasonal differences and requirements for energy, NPN, by-pass protein and minerals are recorded for your own property.

8. Practical requirements. Learn how to select an appropriate supplement, how to make one up, how to feed out or water medicate effectively. A good supplementation program is one that can be practically carried out and one that makes money.

Making it pay
9. Economic principles. The basic economic principles of success are outlined along with learning how to determine if a program is going to pay. Supplementation has both positive and negative effects on turnover, overheads and gross margins. The end result needs to be positive with a benefit:cost ratio of between 3 and 15 to 1.

10. A holistic approach. As with all RCS programs, this course provides a balanced view of the effects of nutrition on profitability, animal production, people resources and pasture productivity.

Special Price Offer

Attend the Ruminant Nutrition Workshon in conjunction with the RCS Grazing Clinic to receive the special price offer of $550 for this workshop (instead of $600 Early Bird price or $750 usual price per person).

To register for the upcoming Ruminant Nutrition Workshop, please download the application form on this page and fax your completed form to the RCS office: (07) 4939 5144.

For more information please phone 1800 356 004 or email



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