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Empowering People… The secret behind Australia's best farmers and graziersA company client survey showed that 99.9 per cent of clients initially come to RCS for our teachers’ and consultants’ excellent professional expertise.

They remain long-term clients for three reasons:

· the rapport and empathy of their professional relationship with RCS

· the regaining of control of their business and direction of life

· and the profits they make

RCS is Australia's best known and respected private provider of education, training and consulting services to the agricultural sector. Since its inception more than two decades ago, RCS has built its reputation through its vision for a regenerative Australian agricultural landscape, through its professional focus, and through client success and word-of-mouth.

Our commitmentEmpowering People is the RCS Mission statement. The heart of our business is about people. We work side by side with you to build your business, at the same time as regenerating the Australian landscape, including our soils and our pastures, through farming and grazing practices which provide financially and environmentally productive results. We work closely with our clients to help you through the challenges that implementing change can bring. It is one thing to be able to identify areas for improvement in your business. It is another to have the support, guidance and advice to help clients through that process of improvement and change.

That is the RCS difference.